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let’s talk top chef!


Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in Fun

top chef

Alright guys, who is ready to talk about this week’s Top Chef episode? I know some folks are saving up episodes for later, so I’m going to hide this week’s discussion under a jump to make sure we don’t spoil any of the fun for anyone.

let's dish...

Anyone else totally crushing on the idea of going on an Alaska cruise now? I’ve always been more of a beach and pina colada kinda girl, but with views like they showed on this week’s episode, I think I could seriously get into cruising up to Alaska.



Alright, enough vacation talk. Let’s talk about the food this week. I was actually really unimpressed with all the dishes during the Elimination. Maybe the whole “thinking out of the box” thing just doesn’t translate well to TV watching, but I had no interest in trying any of them, really. I’m a pretty adventurous eater, but scrambled scallops? I don’t know if I could go there.

I know Brooke’s frog legs and mussels dish was the winner, but I never really understood what was going on with it. Was it a dip? Was it a soup? Was it a salad? I actually thought Stefan and Sheldon’s dishes sounded the most appetizing, and they were the losers! It must have just been that I was attaching to what I recognized? Who knows. It was definitely the first time watching Top Chef that I never had an, “OMG I MUST EAT THAT NOW!” moment.

As much as I love Sheldon, and am happy he is continuing on, I was actually pretty surprised they sent him home instead of Stefan. Sheldon’s dish seemed to be the worst of them all (especially considering he chose his ingredients first) and his excuse of “not being inspired” was just absurd. Whereas Stefan’s dish wasn’t great, but I don’t think it was way off the mark either. I guess maybe they were taking into account previous performance, too? Because if so, then Stefan was obviously the one to go.

I’m still waiting for Lizzie to go. It seems like every single one of her dishes has something wrong with it. They are good enough to where she doesn’t get sent home, but never good enough to be exceptional.

bravo, top chef

Alright, which dish was your favorite from this week? Who do you think will be next to go home? Also, don’t forget to vote to Save a Chef. I’m voting to save Chef Stefan!

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accountability update #3


Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in Fitness

This week was definitely a good one. We’re headed off to Canada this morning, and I’m worried that I’ll get off track, but hoping that all this healthy momentum from the last few weeks will translate into a healthy trip to the Great White North. I just have to remember the fundamentals. I know how to stay healthy, I just have to do it!


slider prettygood

I did really well with tracking and monitoring my food at the beginning of the week, but this week got crazier and crazier as it went on, and by yesterday, I’d totally abandoned tracking. I think I still stayed on track yesterday, but I do know I did a lot of unnecessary nibbling while packing for my trip. I’m 100% back on the tracking bandwagon today. I tend to snack when I’m bored, and nothing is more boring than sitting in an airport during a layover. I need to stay accountable.

As far as the content of my eats, I’m doing awesome. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, whole grains and lean protein. I’ve also cut back dramatically on my sugar intake, which rocks.

yogurt bowl

How to improve next week: Track it all. This is particularly important during this week of traveling. I need to remember that estimating is better than not tracking at all. Whenever I don’t have the ability to weigh or measure something, I tend to just throw tracking out the window because it won’t be 100% accurate. I have to keep reminding myself that 100% accuracy of the numbers isn’t the goal. Accountability for my food choices is.


slider okayish

Just like with my food, the week started out great. I had two straight days of hardcore workouts in the basement, and then I also managed to get in some walks during both days at work this week. I wanted to do more, and a larger variety, but this just wasn’t the week for it. I am planning on doing my darndest to not just sit around during our travel day today. I’m even thinking of strapping on a pedometer today to try to log 10,000 steps. That should be totally do-able (especially if I skip the moving sidewalks).

me gym

How to improve next week: I’m typically pretty rotten about exercise while traveling, so just as long as I get in two workouts of some sort, I will be very, very pleased with myself. I’m setting the bar low here. A walk. A dance party. Anything.


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I feel myself slipping when it comes to water intake. While technically I hit my water goals all week-long by getting in at least 80 ounces of water a day, some of those days I got it by slamming a whole bunch at once instead of sipping on it all day long. I don’t know the science of it all, but I’ve got to imagine gentle sipping is much better for hydration than gulping. But maybe I’m insane and water is water? I really just need to keep my water bottle near at all times and drink every few minutes.

water bottle

How to improve next week: Carry my water bottle around with me everywhere! I think my big, heavy Klean Kanteen (that I love!) might be just a bit too big sometimes and is holding me back. I’m traveling with my CamelBak Groove this week, because it filters water, so we’ll see if it’s smaller prompts me to carry it around and drink more.


awesome slider

Starting Weight: 272 lbs
Last Week’s Weight
234.7 lbs
This Week’s Weight:
 231.8 lbs
This Week’s Loss: 
-2.9 lbs

Power on! I’m closing in on back into the 220s, which is awesome (and much closer to my happy place). For those of you keeping track, I now only have 4.5 more pounds to lose in two weeks in order to win my DietBet. It’ll be close, but just as long as I stay on track during this trip, I think I’ll make it!

feet scale

How to improve next week: I’m doing good! I just need to make sure to stay diligent with tracking my food this week and try to get in some activity, and I think the scale will keep moving in the right direction.

How did your week go? Was it healthy? Did you hit your goals?