things i’m digging

1. Keen Brooklyn II Crossbody Bag Oh. My. I’ve found the bag, my friends. The bag to end all bags. It’s big, but not too big. It’s sporty, but a little bit feminine. It’s obnoxiously bright (of course I ordered the orange/coral/salmonΒ one). It’s got a million pockets. It’s from one of my favorite companies, Keen…. 

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my lent sacrifice

I'm not a religious person. But even though I don't subscribe to organized religion, I do see a lot of value in some of the traditions and rituals associated within a lot of religions. And one of those traditions that really resonates with me and my lifestyle is Lent. For me, (obviously) Lent isn't about the traditional religious goals. But, for me, it is a great way to turn the focus inward for 40 days. I love spending that time. . .