accountability update #5

This week was definitely a bit of a struggle. I’m having a hard time figuring out my new routine. Well, actually, what’s been happening is that I’m operating on no routine at all. I guess I’ve been taking an emotional break from the routine-based past decade of working, and basking in newfound freedom of working for myself. Which means I’ve been taking mid-day naps, working at 11pm and, uh, skipping (almost) all my workouts. A few days of freedom-enjoyment is great, but I really need to settle myself into a new routine. I do better with routine—even a breakable one.


shabby slider

Food was actually not that bad this week. Last weekend, I went a little crazypants with food prep and cut up all kinds of veggies, made a big batch of hummus, boiled some eggs, made some date balls and made a big noodle salad for lunches. Having all of that readily available in the fridge made eating healthy snacks and lunches easy peasy. I need to keep up this trend in the future!

fridge snacks

What I really struggled with this week is keeping my dinner lean and green. For me, I feel my best (and lose the most weight) when my dinners are all about lean proteins and lots of veggies. During the summer, I pretty much lived on a giant piece of grilled fish with half-a-plateful of grilled summer veggies. But during the winter, I’m struggling with it a little bit more.

That being said, the food we did eat was legen-wait-for-it-dary. This was my favorite meal from the week: Brussels sprouts greens (who knew you could eat them? I didn’t before my CSA.), sautéed with bacon, garlic, onions, and red pepper flakes. Then mixed with roasted Yukon gold baby potatoes and white beans. So. Yum.

beans and greens

Earlier in the week, my issue with dinner was SUGAR. I needed dessert. Had to have it. Wanted to eat it all. Dinner wasn’t dinner without dessert at the end. So I kept tipping over my calorie budget because of my “right” to eat something decadent at the end of the day. Once Ash Wednesday came ’round, and dessert was gone, I suddenly found myself hitting my calorie goals pretty consistently. I really need to get back to the place where dessert is an every-now-and-again kinda thing. And if I want something sweet, a piece of fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate is where to go. My microwave cakes rock, but they do not need to be made daily.

coffee microwave cake

How to improve next week: I need to be tracking my food before I eat. It doesn’t do me any good if I find out after I’ve already eaten dinner that I’m over by 400 calories. Every morning this week, I’d like to go ahead and pre-track my food for the day, and then make adjustments as things change during the day.


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Gosh, guys, I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who wants to workout. Or likes it. Or craves it. Or needs it. I could literally go the rest of my life and never workout again without feeling any emotion other than pure guilt—because I know I should be workout out. I get so jealous when I see people who love working out. I just. Can’t even imagine.

So, as you can guess by that little tirade, I barely moved this week. At the beginning of the week, I used the excuse that I had a minor cold, but the truth is, I could have worked out through it without an issue. And at the end of the week, my only excuse was laziness.

But! There is hope! Yesterday, I took to Twitter and ask all my followers to help me get motivated to workout, and dude, y’all rock.


I really need to remember the impressive motivation tool that is my social media friends. I pretty much immediately when and changed into my UA capris and went downstairs to do a Valentine’s Day workout. Nothing Valentine’s Day-y about it other than the hearts I drew on the white board.

workout whiteboard gym

So, the short story is: one workout this week. But! It was a really good one and a great way to end the week, I think! And today, I promise you, I’m going to get on that treadmill again. Promise.

How to improve next week: I need to get into a workout routine. I keep getting in the habit of saying “Oh, I’ll do it after I finish this.” and then “this” becomes this and that and that and this and that and before I can get my workout in, it’s bedtime. My goal for next week: every workout is in before 10am.


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I’m doing really well with hydration again. It’s funny how when your body gets used to drinking water, when you go without it for even just a few minutes, you feel so incredibly dehydrated so quickly (because your body isn’t retaining water anymore so it “expects it” from an outside source). Because of this, I’ve started taking my water bottle pretty much everywhere with me. Into the grocery store. Down to the garden. From the kitchen to the TV room to our bedroom to the living room. If it wasn’t so darn big and heavy, I’d hang it around my neck for easy transport.

water bottle

How to improve next week: No improvement needed. I’m doing awesome! Just keep on keepin’ on.


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Starting Weight: 272 lbs
Last Week’s Weight
235.0 lbs
This Week’s Weight:
 232.4 lbs
This Week’s Loss: –
2.6 lbs

Well, during traveling last week, I gained almost 3 1/2 pounds, but I’m happy that I dropped almost 2/3 of that this week. By the end of next week, I should be back on track. Granted, this means that, unless I happen to lose a limb at some point in the next three days, I won’t be winning my DietBet. The extra cash would have been nice, but I’m not too upset about it. 4% of my body weight in four weeks would have been a stretch during a normal month, let alone one that had a week of traveling slotted into it. Plus, I’m down 4.4 pounds from my starting DietBet weigh-in, which, in my books, is a victory! That’s more than a pound a week. Woohoo!

How to improve next week: Don’t lose momentum now that the DietBet is done. I don’t have the discretionary cash to throw at another DietBet, but I’d love it if that kind of motivation continues (for free). I need to keep reminding myself that my health, confidence and happiness is just as much (if not more) motivation than some extra cash.

How did your week go? Was it healthy? Did you hit your goals?


  1. Jenny says

    “Gosh, guys, I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who wants to workout.” <— THANK YOU. I read a lot (probably too many) healthy living bloggers who clearly "looove" working out (you know the ones) and it's easy to get bogged down with this idea that you should LOVE IT, WHY DON'T I LOVE IT, SHE LOVES IT?

    Even when I'm working out regularly and feeling okay about it, I'd still rather do ANYTHING ELSE, given the choice. I do it because I need to, it's good for me, blah blah blah – but it doesn't come innately, it isn't like this itch that I have to scratch.

    Love your candor, as always.

    • Cassie says

      I totally struggle with this too. I (obviously) read a lot of HLB blogs, too, and it can be so easy to think “oh my gosh, something has got to be wrong with me because I have no desire to CrossFit three times a day and then go for a 10 mile run.”

      And I’m exactly like you, I only do it because it’s good for me. Blech. I put it in the same category as getting my teeth cleaned, changing my oil and paying taxes. Annoying, but it has to be done.

      • says

        I’m one of those freaks who actually really enjoys working out. I like pushing my body and I like the struggle. That sounds insane, I know. And more than anything, I like how I feel when it’s over.

        I have some serious questions about those HLB who do crossfit, go to a yoga class, drink a green smoothie, and then for a long run. In fact, I actually stopped reading most of those types of blogs because it was giving me a really warped perception of what’s “healthy”. Working out for hours on end is not healthy and unless you’re trying to lose an astronomical amount of weight, it’s not necessary. I wonder why these women feel like HAVE to work out that much. They’re all skinny minnies. Seriously. I don’t get that. When I realized my own struggle with exercise addiction, the first thing I did was diminish my former idolization of women that had that type of lifestyle.

        30-60 minutes of activity a day and a sensible diet–Boom.

        Working out should be fun, not a chore. It should make you feel good, not exhausted or inferior.

        So I TOTALLY get why a lot of people hate it.

  2. says

    Maybe if you can’t do DietBet again, you could do some sort of round robin reward. Get a reader to send you a book/CD/fav recipe if you hit a weight or exercise goal, and you’ll send something to someone else who hits a goal and so on. It might be that a tiny reward that doesn’t cost much will help you stay connected and accountable? It might be too much work but you maybe could come up with something else?

    • Cassie says

      Oooh! That’s a really awesome idea. Kinda like a White Elephant gift exchange, but for health goals.

      Oooh, my gears are turning now. :)

  3. says

    Thank you so much for doing these accountability posts! I joined weight watchers 6 weeks ago and go to my meetings on Fridays, so reading your updates on Fridays makes me feel that there’s another person out there in the same place I am. It also reminds me that even when I don’ do as awesome as I would have liked that it’s ok and I should keep going and strive for better next week! Thanks again :)

  4. says

    I’m with you, MrsCourtneyP! My perception of a healthy workout regimen is totally warped from reading HLB. I cut them out about a year ago, but I’m still struggling to find my own definition of “enough exercise.”

  5. says

    I feel the same about the DietBet..Unless I can pull off a miracle, it isn’t happening. But hey, I’ve lost weight none the less, so I’m happy with that!

  6. says

    I loooove your accountability updates! I love how honest you are and reading through things that I struggle with too. I am the same way with sugar- I get these huge cravings and will make mugs cakes every day for a week… and then I have to remind myself that I’d rather have a “real” dessert and go all out once a week than a mug cake that’s just “okay” every day.
    I feel blessed to be a fitness instructor for many reasons, but one that ranks the highest is that I HAVE to exercise. I get paid to- for about 8 hours a week. On the two days that I don’t teach any classes, I can choose to do nothing or whatever kind of workout I want (and on one of those days, I always choose REST). Since I’m teaching the class- I HAVE to show up and get paid to kick my own butt. It’s a win-win! And trust me- there are many mornings that I’d rather just sleep in, but I always feel better afterwards!

  7. Amanda says

    I’m totally with you on not craving workouts! Generally I have to talk myself into it.

    One thing I’ve found that really helps though is trying something fun. I started taking a hula hooping dance class recently. It seriously kicks my butt, but I don’t even notice because its so fun! And I look forward to it!

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