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Sorry for missing last week’s Top Chef discussion, friends! Since we were traveling, I just got to catch up on the episodes last night, and now I’m all ready for the finale. Just like always, I’m going to stick my commentary under a jump, so if you aren’t current on this season of Top Chef, go ahead and skip this post (and the comments).

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Over the past two episodes, the cheftestants got off the cruise ship and were solidly in Alaska and working with all of the deliciousness that is Alaskan seafood. I’m a huge seafood fan, so pretty much every dish that ended up on the table these past two weeks made me drool. Although, I have to admit, I was a little bummed that the elimination challenge in the latest episode didn’t focus on local ingredients (instead, focusing on dishes that represented the moment the chefs knew they wanted to be chefs). It just seemed really strange to me to go to a place with some of the freshest, most sought after ingredients in the world and cook braised chicken and foie gras.

Anyway. Speaking of that meal. Anyone else spend the entire time thinking that if this had been filmed just a few years ago, the chefs would have been serving Sarah Palin? Ha! That’s all that was going through my mind during the entire dinner with the Governor.

I think probably my favorite meal of the past two weeks was one that all the judges seemed to hate—Lizzie’s salmon sourdough sliders. I thought the idea was incredible and looked like something right up my alley! I can’t wait to take the idea and make it my own. Even if Lizzie would have knocked that one out of the park, it was her time to go. She just wasn’t even close to the caliber of Brooke and Sheldon (and even Josh).

For this week’s elimination, I knew in my heart it was going to be Josh. I mean, I think pretty much everyone had Brooke and Sheldon pegged as going to the finale within the first few episodes of the season, but I was so sad to see Josh to go. Especially a day after missing the birth of his daughter. I wonder if he wishes he was sent home the elimination before? I mean, if you’re going to be eliminated anyway, wouldn’t it be better to be eliminated earlier and get to see the birth of your child?

And speaking of the upcoming finale, my pick has always been Brooke, and continues to be Brooke. She is creative, well-trained, sweet, kind, gracious and just a damn good cook. Although, I have to admit, her constant breaking-down-crying-fear of all the cool things she gets to do (go on a cruise! fly over Alaska in a helicopter!) is grinding my gears a little bit. But she does manage to overcome those fears, so that’s definitely a positive quality.

When it comes to her cooking, all of her problems in her dishes have been so minor compared to her competition. It’s almost like the judges are trying to find something wrong with her dishes just so she doesn’t look so obviously like the favorite to win. I just don’t see how she can’t win, unless she just absolutely implodes. Sheldon is creative and talented, but I think he gets into his own head so much and skips the important, but basic steps (like, uh, tasting something before you plate it!).

I’m so excited for the finale! Part one airs next Wednesday, February 20th at 10/9c. And the season finale is Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9c! Make sure to set your DVRs.

bravo, top chef

Alright, which dish was your favorite from this week? Who do you think will take it all?

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    Brooke is my favorite of the top three- and I was fine with seeing Josh go. He’s gotten better as the season went on, but he was SO arrogant in the beginning. I also like Sheldon a lot- but, as always, I want to see a woman finally win again!
    My favorite contestant the entire season was Kristen. I hope she ends up winning Last Chance Kitchen and wins the whole thing!

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