1.  I am craving sundresses and sandals so hard, I’m thinking about cranking up the heat and putting some on just to walk around the house. I miss my summer clothes! And exposed skin!

me corn


2. I’ve always known that my husband is talented, but whenever I see the proof, I’m always re-amazed. He shot a wedding this past weekend and the photos turned out beautifully. He’s so good at capturing people. Oh, and he also sings, too. He’s pretty much made of awesome.
babyface wedding shoot
3. I talk to our seedlings. Multiple times a day. “Oh, hi my little friends! How are we doing today? Are you thirsty at all? Before I forget, thanks for all the food you’re going to make for my belly this summer. You guys are the best.”

seedlings garden


4. In related-to-talking-to-plants news, I’m kinda afraid I’m eventually going to turn into second half of this comic from The Oatmeal.


5. I thought I was running a fever last night, but I couldn’t find our thermometer. So I stuck a meat thermometer under my tongue. It read 420°. Either that’s inaccurate, or I’m a werewolf.

Do you have any confessions to share?



  1. christina g says

    i’m dying right now because i thought my roommate and i were the only ones who would try to use a meat thermometer instead of a human thermometer… this happened to us just a week ago too!

  2. says

    I just want to be able to go OUTSIDE for more than five minutes without wanting to die. I have a brand new bike and brand new (used) kayak that I am dying to use.

  3. Bethany says

    Okay, I’ll be the first to comment about how much that comic made me smile. hahaha! I hope you are loving your work-from-home life with Babyface. And don’t worry, your loyal readers won’t let that happen to you. :)

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