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I used to have a little menu widget in my sidebar that I updated each week with what we were planning on eating for dinner (including links to the recipes). I know a lot of folks loved it, but it turned out to be pretty annoying to update from a technical standpoint, so long ago, I scrapped the idea. Fans of the menu widget have been asking for a while now that I bring back a weekly menu element to BTHR, and I finally got around to it!

I’m not promising I’ll post our menu every single week, but I’m going to try to post it for you guys more often than not. One of the benefits of this longer post-format is that I get to talk about what we’re eating more detail, including info on our breakfasts, lunches and snacks! Alrighty, let’s go!

kale and chicken alfredo


We don’t usually “schedule” breakfasts each day, but we do like to have quite a few options available depending on our mood, so this week, here’s what breakfasts we have stashed in the fridge and pantry:

blender fruit smoothie


Lunches are the same deal for us, we like to have quite a few options each week just to fit in with whatever mood we’re in that day. I usually make large batches of these items on the weekend and then stash them in the fridge so we can eat on them all week-long.

living salad


Healthy snacks are one of the most important things to make sure I don’t go crazy on a bag of chocolate chips while working at home. Here’s what we’re snacking on this week:

date bites


My goal this week was to make a menu that didn’t really require us going to the grocery store at all. We have such a good stash of food in our two fridges, three freezers and two pantries, that I figure we must be able to eat without shopping! Here’s what I came up with:

chicken drumsticks

What are you eating this week?



  1. says

    I’m making turkey chili with hidden veggies for dinner tonight. It’s crazy difficult getting my husband to eat anything that’s good for him.

  2. Jennifer says

    Can I just say you are awesome??? I am so glad I stumbled on your blog last year – I’ve learned so much and gotten so many great ideas from you. Thank you for doing what you do – your blog is inspiring, honest, relatable and fun!

  3. says

    We’re leaving for vacation this Friday and coming back mid week next week so the meal plan was tricky this week. We wanted to have leftovers in the freezer but nothing perishable left in the fridge, but I think we’ve got it all figured out. Soup, an enchilada casserole and bean burgers!

  4. says

    After making (and mostly sticking to) a meal plan for the entire month of February I have yet to officially meal plan for this week. I did jot some notes and we deep fried a turkey yesterday, so tonight was leftover turkey and waffles (uhm, yum!), tomorrow is his b-day so we’ll probably go out, and I will use turkey to make enchiladas and a turkey pot pie with a non-traditional cheddar biscuit topping. Not sure what will fill in the other couple of nights yet. Like you guys, breakfast and lunch is snack plates and leftovers of whatever.

  5. Amanda Elliott says

    Pretty proud of myself this for our menu, have been slacking a bit and not doing groceries which has resulted in a lot of ordering in! Haven’t had a fully planned week in a while, but here is what is on our menu!

    So far we’ve had fish tacos and spinach and mushroom quiche. Tomorrow I plan on making your roasted veggie and black bean rice bowl, but swapping the rice with quinoa since I have a big batch ready in the fridge. Another dinner will be penne pasta with broccoli, mushrooms, walnuts, chili peppers and oil that is one of my quick fav dinners!

    Looking forward to your future menu posts!

  6. says

    Yaaay! I love that you’re posting your meal plans. Maybe I’m nosy, but I love seeing other people’s plans. I started meal planning about 6 months ago and I have no idea how we ate before…it makes everything so much easier!

  7. GLT says

    Currently obsessed with barley! Made a whole batch over the weekend and I just throw on veggies and lean protein for my meals this week.

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