friday freebie: pora bag ($200+ value!) {CLOSED}

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks for playing along!


Happy Friday, friends! I know I’ve been kinda slacking on you guys lately (it hasn’t escaped me that I haven’t posted a recipe in weeks), but I hope I can make up for it a little bit with this insanely cool giveaway. This might be my favorite giveaway I’ve ever done here on BTHR. Let’s talk about Pora bags.


These bags are so cool! From a utilitarian standpoint, they are amazingly versatile because each bag has a base that is then wrapped in a washable, reversible sleeve. Want to carry a purple bag today? Put on the purple shell. Need a black bag tomorrow ? Use the black side.  Spill coffee on your bag? Wash it. Without ever changing your purse. And to up the customization even more, you can add on fun, handwoven decorative bands to the bag to give them a one-of-a-kind look.

Background - bag overview

But my absolute favorite part of these bags is that the company is committed to sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Each bag is 100% vegan and cruelty free. And the artisan bands are handwoven by artisans in developing countries, where they are paid a fair wage for their work.

PHOTO - Artisan Partner - Aj Quen- Guatemala PHOTO - Artisan Partner - Friends-International - Cambodia

Pora was kind enough to send me my own bag to review and it is beautiful, well made and incredibly sturdy! It’s a bit too big of a bag for me to use for an everyday purse, but it will be perfect for beach trips or even as an overnight bag. And if you’re in need of a bigger everyday bag, you’ll love this! It’s the perfect size for carrying books, a laptop, a lunch, workout gear or even to hold toys and books if you’re a on-the-go Mama. I wish I had this bag back when I was working!

Because the people at Pora rock, they are offering to giveaway one bag to a lucky BTHR reader! You get to pick the color, the handles, the bands….everything! All customized for you. That’s a $200 value. Woohoo! Happy Friday!

Ready to win?

  • PRIZE: One customized Pora bag. This includes: the bag base, one sleeve (in your color choice), one set of bands (in your choice of pattern), one set of decorative tassles (in your choice of color) and one set of handles (in your choice of color and length).
  • TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post telling me why you need/want a new bag!
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at Noon (12pm) EST
  • ELIGIBLE FOLKS: This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only at this time. Sorry international readers! I try to score as many international giveaways as I can.
  • WINNER ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 on this here post!
  • LEGALESE: To enter you must be 18 or older. Winner will be chosen by random drawing from the pool of comments on this post. To be considered for the prize, you must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada and provide a valid email address. One entry per email address. Once a winner is notified and verified, Pora will be provided with the contact information of the winner and they will be responsible for  prize fulfillment. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. To enter, leave a comment on this post. No purchase necessary to win. Entries will close on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at noon (EST). The winner will be contacted by email on or before Wednesday, July 3, 2013. If the winner does not claim the prize within seven days, the original winner forfeits the prize and a second random entry will be chosen from the pool. This contest is sponsored by Pora and is void where prohibited by law.
  • DISCLOSURE: I was compensated for posting this review and giveaway with my own Pora bag (total value, $226).

Why do you need/want a new bag?

P.S. If you want to get a great preview of how the bag “works” check out this awesome (and short) video.

P.P.S. I originally had that this giveaway was open to international readers (sorry, I thought it was!) but it is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Congrats to our winner, Neena! Neena says her current bag is just a touch too well-loved and can use a new one.


  1. Traci says

    I’m less than 5 weeks from my due date with my first baby – this sounds like it would make an amazing diaper bag!

  2. Michelle Harris says

    I am a Mom of three and love bags that are flexible for all the different needs of my life. I also love that they use women crafts to make the bag!

  3. Carolyn says

    These are so beautiful! I’m always looking for *the* bag to be my go-to–functional and chic. I’ve yet to find one and usually resort to my slightly too large messenger bag, which isn’t really practical for day-to-day. This bag would be PERFECT!

  4. JulieA says

    I would love a big beautiful bag, as I am that person carrying several little bags of “stuff” all the time. One bag would make me look a lot less a “bag lady”. LOVE the fabrics!

  5. Caitlyn says

    This is the perfect sized bag for my commute to work! And my current bag’s straps are getting very threadbare so I will need to replace it any day now. I love that these have replaceable straps – I am so hard on my purse straps – the entire rest of the bag will be in great condition and the straps will wear out until they break completely. This bag seems to have solved that problem!

  6. Ashleigh Adkins says

    I love that this bag is fair trade-esque! It is beautiful, and looks like the perfect bag for hauling all of my school stuff back and forth to work! Love it!

  7. Molly P says

    I need a new bag because I work at a gym and I’m always bringing clothes to change into and need a cute bag to tote around! :) How pretty!

  8. Bre says

    I would love one of these bags because I have had the same purse for the past 11 months and can’t seem to find a good one to replace it!

  9. Alesha Steinke says

    WOW..this looks like the perfect to get me to work and the gym without forgetting anything. I luv the fact it is sooooo versitile. I would rather have one quality bag that can change with me then 10 bags that just work with one look.

  10. says

    First, it’s adorable. It seems like the perfect size for the stuff I lug around for my 3 kiddos all summer long. And it’s washable and the straps are replaceable, so wear and tear won’t be as much of an issue. My last bag straps wore out before the rest of the bag did. Would love to have one!

  11. says

    Hi ladies. pora Bags is my company. I want to thank each of you SO MUCH for your lovely comments. The positive feedback means more than you know.

    Thank you all!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

  12. Athena R says

    This bag is so cute! I would love to have this to use as a diaper bag when my little comes in a couple months. I haven’t really found many bags out there that I like, but this would be perfect. what a great giveaway!

  13. Diana says

    I would love a bag because not only is it a “feel good about it” purchase but I’m trying to add more movement into my life and one way is by parking farther away from my office and walking in to work with my sneakers etc. I’ve been cramming shoes, lunch, etc in my purse and laptop bag for awhile. It would be nice to have something pretty and practical for a change! :) Love your blog – Just start a small garden this year and I love to read about your gardening etc!

  14. Stephanie says

    This bag looks like it would be not only a perfect diaper bag, but a mom bag that doesn’t scream drab mom! And anything that supports women throughout the world with fair trade wages and support is worth the investment!

  15. Jillian says

    My husband and I are having our first baby in about three months and I am in desperate need of a bigger bag that will hold all of our baby girl’s stuff (and mom’s too!) — this looks like the perfect solution! :)

  16. Emily says

    I need a versatile, pretty bag as my go-to for work. All of my bags are too small, forcing me to take multiple bags that are not practical. This bag would not only function well, but would be an eye-catching statement piece at my office, and really stand out for it’s unique look! And when I go to the beach this summer, you can bet that this would be the bag I’d take with me. :)

  17. says

    I’ve never been one to drop $200 on a handbag, but I would not feel the least bit guilty in doing so for one of these. Vegan/sustainable/socially responsible/fair trade > a trendy name/label. Not to mention, they’re GORGEOUS!

  18. Lola says

    Oh are these adorable!! I’ve been searching for a new purse for a few years now. I really love the one I have, but nothing has really caught my eye and most are too mom-purseish so I steer clear. This one is totally my style though and I’d love to rock the bag around town.

  19. Shelley says

    These are really cute and I love that they are vegan and sustainable. I need a new bag because I do in-home therapy with kids and I’m always carting around games and toys. Would love a new one. thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Brandi says

    This bag is awesome! I carry totes litterally until they are no more and it’s time for a new one RIGHT NOW!

  21. Claire says

    I have a toddler so I’m constantly lugging around snacks, drinks, extra clothes (just in case). I’d love a nice stylish bag to tote everything in. :)

  22. Jessica says

    After more than two years of trying to get pregnent I finally am, and I really need a diaper bag just like this one!
    Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win.

  23. Audrey says

    Cute bag! I’m transitioning to the work world from college in just about a year and a new professional/cute bag would be great!

  24. says

    Oh these are gorgeous! I would love to win one of these bags as I work full time and have a nutrition business on the side. I am always carrying around my laptop, important papers, lunch and snacks. I am “the bag lady” :) Would love to have such a unique and fun bag to express my creativity and cut down on the number of bags I carry around. That way my friends will be less embarrassed – ha ha 😉

  25. Andrea says

    OoOoOo, so many ideas for this bag! Since I love giving gifts I was thinking of giving it to my friend who is about to have a baby in September or maybe gift it to my sister because she would appreciate the fair trade entrepreneurship behind the bag as a business woman and her bday is coming up soon!

  26. Sandra says

    I love new bags!! I could really use one when I take my pups for their weekly outings. I also love how they are handwoven, the personal touch is always a plus!

  27. Angie says

    Beautiful bag! I am forever carrying bags including a diaper bag! This would be perfect as a new go to. Plus, I love big purses :)
    And Cassie, I am so excited for your cookbook. We understand you are busy!

  28. says

    These bags are amazing – and hooray for a giveaway for Canada! :)

    I have a bit of a bag obsession and I’d love a bag to do double duty as a purse AND a lunch bag so I don’t have to lug two back and forth to work every day!

  29. says

    So pretty! I could definitely use an oversized everyday bag! With a baby on the way (due on only 5 weeks) I know I’m going to be hauling a lot more stuff around than I’m used to, what with pumping at work and all that jazz, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to use!

  30. Elizabeth says

    Awesome bag! I bought my last one for $20 11 years ago (in high school), so I’m fixing to get a new one! I almost picked up a bag on our honeymoon in Costa Rica, but was concerned about the labor practices and environmental impacts of the bags I was seeing, so the Pora bag really appeals for that reason. This bag would go with me everywhere – beach, coffee shop, gym, road-trips – and I hope to be schlepping it to a new job soon!

  31. Erin says

    I was recently mugged in Peru and lost my bag (and all important things like $$ and passport, etc.) so having a new bag would be amazing.

  32. Emilie Mouton says

    How gorgeous! I’m starting my 3rd year of vet school in August, and I would love to have a new bag to carry all of my books in!

  33. Alaina says

    Oh, how exciting! I have been using a freebie reusable grocery tote that I got at work to cart work-related things and my lunch back and forth each day, and the thing is looking pretty sad. These bags are absolutely beautiful! I would love to replace my current cheapie tote with something as beautiful and lovely as this!

    Thanks to you and Pora for offering such a great giveaway!

  34. says

    The last thing I need is a new bag, but I love to feed my addiction. I would use it. Lots. I’d carry around my running gear. Or use it as a farmers market bag. Or as a big purse that would hold my water bottle and my planner at the same time!

  35. says

    I’d love a nice bag that would take me back to school to start my Master’s this fall. I never buy new accessories, so this would be a great way to start a nice purse collection.

  36. Mireille says

    Love it! I could really use a new heavy duty bag as I’m going back to being a student again at the end of the summer!

  37. Joanne says

    These bags are amazing! I love that they can be customized! I would love to have this bag for my library books and all of my miscellaneous stuff in the summer and for when I start back to school in the fall.

  38. Dana says

    I love everything about these bags! I’m starting a new job soon and I’ll be taking public transit to get there, so I’ll def. need a big bag to hold all my stuff!

  39. says

    Well, summer’s here and we’ve been having pretty cold and gloomy weather over here, so, a new bag would put a little sun in my summer! 😉

  40. Heather Diesing says

    What an awesome bag! I have been looking for something large enough to carry everything I throw in my bag and yet look stylish at the same time. Have been looking for “the” bag for ages, ever since I saw the one that Nancy was carrying in Weeds, alas that bag was waaaay out of my budget.

  41. Rashada says

    I would love a new diaper bag that I can clean easily and is really identifiable. The ease of changing it’s appearance means I could make it nice and girly for me, but my husband could simplify it when he’s got the kids.

  42. Sara Rich says

    I have been carrying the same purse for about 5 years now and I am ready to trade up. I like to support companies who use fair trade practices so I love that aspect of this bag!!! And they are gorgeous!

  43. Julie says

    I would LOVE a new bag because I am starting a new job soon & I would love to have a sturdy and fashionable bag to put everything in! Not to mention, to support such an awesome cause!

  44. Julie Ernstein says

    I’d love to win a Pora bag because I’d give it to my birthday buddy, Marsha, as a part of her birthday gift. (Yes, I’d love one myself but as she lives in Miami she’d get use out of it year-round and would greatly appreciate the fair trade and sustainability aspects of its production and distribution. And yes, I’d ‘fess up that I’d won it.)

  45. says

    I would love a new bag! I tend to tote a lot of stuff around with me, from planners to my endless lists, this bag looks like a perfect solution. :) Thank you for the chance at such an amazing giveaway!

  46. Elizabeth J. says

    I am away from my house for 12+ hours with my commute, and I always have to carry a lot of junk with me.

  47. says

    I love this bag, and everything it represents! I often need a bigger bag for the day and this would be totally perfect. Gorgeous colours and so versatile!

  48. Tania says

    I don’t need a new bag but it sure would be nice to have one of these. With working full time, raising two kids, going to school part time, my reading, knitting and running, one of these would be really practical 😉

  49. Neena says

    I’m a serial bag monogamist and my current flame is starting to look a little bit too well-loved. I’m ready for a new gorgeous bag to carry!

  50. Natalie P says

    They’re so beautiful! I’d love something as lux as this since I never spend money on myself. Saving for a house doesn’t allow me any fun money in my budget.

  51. Michelle C says

    Would love to give this to my daughter-in-law to use for my granddaughter, due in October. Love this bag!

  52. Alyssa P says

    Now that I’m working two jobs, I carry a change of clothes and my lunch with me…I need a new, bigger bag to carry everything! This bag would be perfect!

  53. shannon says

    What a nifty company! I suppose I don’t neeeeeeed a new bag, but I recently shifted to a bike/transit-centric lifestyle (sold my car and never looked back! whee!), and I’ve discovered my usual purse is not quite big enough to hold all the stuff I need for my daily commute (book, lunch, emergency flip flops, planner, jacket, etc.) So a nice big bag like this would totally make my life easier! Crossing my fingers!

  54. says

    I would love to win this because I want to give it to my mama! She’s retiring TODAY and we’re celebrating with a vacation in September and this would be the perfect bag for her!

  55. sarah says

    I’m a new mom, and this would be the perfect super-cute diaper bag for lugging around all of my baby supplies!

  56. says

    I am getting ready to head to my mother’s house to look after my two boys and two nephews for a month. A Pora bag would come in so handy to carry all our beach towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, books etc. when we head to the beach. Love the colours and the handwoven bands supporting fair pay in developing countries. I am new to your blog and I must say I am loving it!:)

  57. says

    I am currently moving to San Francisco where I will start my dream job as a social worker at a public health program. I’ll be all over the city on home visits visiting clients and what better way to carry my things than this beautiful bag from a rocking company!?! Love it.

  58. says

    Everybody NEEDS a new bag.

    :) I really just want a new one for the summer. It’s been a very long time since I purchased a new one for myself.

  59. Leslie says

    Every time I leave the house a lot of stuff comes with me. This bag looks like just the thing. I would so love to carry this bag.

  60. Larry says

    My wife has a purse full of stuff I ask her to carry for me. If I could win and present her with this bag, she might not mind so much.

  61. Kristin says

    I need new bag to carry my iPad when I start my doctoral program in the Fall. I’ve had the same backpack for 6 years!

  62. Bridgette says

    As an ESL teacher to students from developing countries, I’d love to show my students that I admire the work of such artisans. Not to mention it’ll help carry all my books!

  63. Eileen says

    I love this bag! It looks like a perfect work bag for me (brand new social worker here) to carry therapy tools and other worky things in all around town.

  64. JanetMoh says

    I’m starting a new job as a professor and I think this would make a really great bag for commuting! I love that it is a socially responsible company!

    I’m new to your blog – I’ve been reading for about a month or so and I really enjoy your posts.

  65. Crystal C. says

    What a cool bag! I’m a new mama, so I would love a cute bag like this to carry around all the baby stuff I have now. Or, I could use it as a purse, too…I always like giant bags and have a lot of stuff I carry around on a pretty regular basis. Love that you can customize it so much to how you’re feeling that day! :)

  66. Kaylin says

    I need this bag because I’ve been using the same Fossil bag for about 2 years now…and it’s starting to get to retirement point. Haha!

  67. Shanna says

    I work with at-risk kids at a non-profit. It would really help me to lug around all of the kids’ stuff! Awesome giveaway.

  68. Aimee M says

    What a neat bag! I need a new one because it’s washable and, well, I’m not the tidiest person! Also, because it would make a ridiculously cute gym bag!

  69. says

    I’m ALWAYS looking for new bags. I always need a new one in a different color and/or size. And you don’t have to try them on so there’s no annoyance if they don’t fit :)

  70. jacquie says

    well I really don’t have a good bag – or even a semi-good one at this point in my life and certainly cannot afford one at even a 1/4 of this price of this bag – the reason I would really like to win it is so when people as me about my awesome bag I can tell them about this great company.

  71. Tara says

    I just realized yesterday I’m sill carrying my winter purse. This would be a great change to my wardrobe! Some fun summery colors!

  72. says

    I want this bag because I love to change up the bag I’m carrying. It’s easier than having to run out and buy a new wardrobe every time I get an itch for a change. :)

  73. says

    I need a bag because…we’re joining the Y next month (we just moved closer to one) and I’m going to get to take my 4 boys to the pool! And to work out! And it’d be nice to have a big bag like that to shelp all that stuff that seems to come with 4 kids.

  74. Elizabeth says

    What a gorgeous bag! Perfect for hauling my lunch & other essentials to the hospital where I work as a nurse. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  75. Kimberly says

    I would love this bag since it would be large enough to carry mine and my daughter’s stuff. Then I wouldn’t have to carry around a purse and diaper bag. I really like how you can customize them.

  76. April says

    Super Cute Bag!!!!!! I would love to have a new bag to carry my things from work to ball games with my children without having to “trade out”.

  77. says

    It looks like a great bag with multiple uses, such as carrying my healthy lunches to work and also could be dressed up. Most importantly, they seem like a great company with respect to their artists!

  78. Kalyn says

    I just realized my purse is getting small holes in it…I’m on the lookout for a new one. Plus, I love any company that supports people who otherwise wouldn’t be getting paid fairly!

  79. Stephanie D says

    I have been trying to be mindful of what I buy, both from a financial standpoint and ensuring I am environmentally mindful. I haven’t bought a new bag in nearly three years and mine is full of tears and holes. I could definitely use a new one!

  80. Zoe says

    I spend a lot of time on the road, getting interviews from activists, attending protests, and getting pictures. A big, versatile bag would really help me keep everything in one place! <3

  81. Melody says

    I’ve been looking for a new bag for work and I love that the company is socially and environmentally conscious!

  82. meredith says

    yahoo! how gorgeous. i desperately need a new bag. i’m currently borrowing since my old bag gave out on me and i need something that is mine and “me” and this looks like it :)

  83. says

    I’d love a new bag because I’m about to have my second baby and with the first one only being a year old I’m anticipating have a fair amount of stuff to hike around! Plus, these are so pretty! :)

  84. Katie M says

    I want a new bag because my current bag was purchased over 3 years ago, and I’d love to spice up my style with a new one!

  85. Erin says

    My job takes me from the office during the day to evening arts events. I would love a bag that could go easily from day to evening. The switch-out covers remind me of Day-to-Night Barbie with her reversible skirt.

  86. BethanyH says

    I need a new bag because when you have toddlers, you pretty much have to pack the entire house along if you are doing more than just running across the street!

  87. Bre says

    I love these bags! They look awesome! I go on a lot of trips in the summer, including a lot of camping. This bag looks like it could stand up to all of my traveling. I would love to win one! Thank you!

  88. Michelle B says

    Love these bags! I definitely need a new bag because the one I have is old, black, and boring. One of these would be an amazing fusion of color!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Chaley says

    I would love a new bag as I have been using the same one for years, like going on a decade! I just can’t justify spending money on a new one when the old one is still going strong.

  90. Jen N. says

    I bring a lot of food to work. After one spilled bottle of kombucha, I realized that maybe carrying food in my purse isn’t such a good idea….enter, this bag. 😉

  91. Ashley says

    Oh my goodness. I need this bag because I’ve been carrying around a diaper bag (even the cutest are not cute) for the past 10 months. Mama is ready for a cuter bag!

  92. says

    I commute to work on the train everyday and am always in search for that perfect sized bag to carry all I need! This would be perfect for that!

  93. Leslie says

    I would love to win the Pora bag.It would make a great work bag. I am on the go all the time and have a lot of things that must go with me. I love the versatility of the bag. I had not heard of Pora bags before today. I am impressed with the companies business model.I want one badly!

  94. Rosanne says

    Very neat bags!

    I need a new bag because I am just about to start a new job next week (yay!) that is downtown and will require me to utilize public transportation to get there each day. My regular old purse isn’t going to cut it for my walk/train ride, so I’ve been looking for a nice sturdy option with plenty of room to pack all my stuff that I’ll need for the day.

  95. Amy says

    I need a new nurse bag for work! This would be perfect, although I might find it too nice & instead use it as an overnight bag.

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