Hello! Welcome to Back to Her Roots.

My name is Cassie. I’m a compost-making, spatula-wielding, fabric-loving, food-obsessed girl living in a tiny town you’ve never heard of in Southern Indiana with my husband, Craig, our daughter, Juniper, and our two pets, Rory (the puppy) and Sookie (the kitty). I make my living working as a graphic designer, recipe developer, and food writer. I spend my freetime hobby farming, crafting, being an obsessive sports fan, and drinking beer. Life is good.

About This Blog

I’m a Midwestern girl who grew up living the country life. I spent my days digging in the garden, eating fresh foods, sewing quilts, playing basketball in the driveway, and catching lightning bugs in the woods.

As a young adult, I thought that “making it” meant moving to a big fancy city, getting a fancy job, renting a fancy apartment and drinking fancy coffee while I strolled down the sidewalk in fancy stilettos. So I did. And, quickly, I realized that “making it” had a different definition for everyone—and mine wasn’t the metropolitan life. My feet hurt, I was miserable in my job, and I desperately craved some dirt to dig into.

So, my husband and I quit our jobs, packed up our small apartment and moved to nine acres in the country. My foray into city living made me realize that I’m my best self when I stick to my country girl roots. I’m happier and healthier with my toes in the grass and my hands in the dirt. And that’s what I blog about.

I write about all the things I love. That means I write a lot about good food (growing it, cooking it, and eating it). I also write about homesteading, sewing, crafting, natural living, health and fitness, and anything else that pops up in this chaotic brain of mine. I write about my life. I hope you’ll stick around and hang out with me as I discover new (and not-so-new) ways to go back to my roots.


Cast of Characters


That’s me. I’m a 30-something who was born and raised in beautiful Southern Indiana. I love bright colors, good beer, glittery nail polish, funky eyeglasses, and lighthouses. I’m tall. Like, people constantly comment on how tall I am kind of tall. Sometimes my hair is a crazy color. And I pretty much always have dirt under my fingernails.


That’s my husband. He’s a Canadian expat who brews really good beer, takes really good pictures, leaves me love notes, and doesn’t bat an eyelash when I suggest we do things like make our own maple syrup or get dairy goats. No, he doesn’t say “eh”. And yes, he has an amazing tattoo on his arm. It’s of me. On a tree swing.


AKA: Baby J, June Bug, Baby Girl. She’s the newest addition to the homestead, and we’re absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. We’re so excited for our daughter to grow up in this beautiful place we call home.


AKA: Puppyface, Puppy, PF, Fluffs. That’s our rescue dog. She’s a terrier mutt who hates strangers, but loves hiking, sleeping on the couch, roasted chicken, swimming in the lake, and whenever anyone scratches under her collar.



AKA: Kittyface, Kitty, Pretty Kitty, Fuzzy. That’s our rescue cat. She’s our fuzzy, little mouser extraordinaire! When she isn’t chasing away vermin from the house, she’s sleeping on the back of the couch, playing with rubber bands, or climbing up window screens.


The Broken Plow

AKA: The Plow. That’s where we live. It’s a small piece of rolling hills in Southern Indiana that’s been in my family for longer than I’ve been around. In a previous life, it was both a potato farm and a pig farm. And then it was abandoned for decades. When my parents started hacking into the briars after they bought it, they found a broken, rusted plow in the woods leftover from the previous owners. And the name was born. We bought the property from my parents in 2012. The Plow has a house (our house), a barn, a lake, a beautiful grove of sugar maples, a big ole garden, and tons of potential.