Hello! Welcome to Back to Her Roots.

My name is Cassie. I’m a food-obsessed girl living in a tiny town you’ve never heard of in Southern Indiana with my husband, Craig, and our two pets, Rory (the puppy) and Sookie (the kitty). I make my living working as a graphic designer, recipe developer, and food writer. I spend my freetime hobby farming, crafting, being an obsessive sports fan, and drinking beer (well, usually, but not right now). Life is good.

About This Blog

The foundation of my blog (and my life) is that I can make healthier decisions by choosing to go back to my roots. I grew up gardening, eating fresh foods, playing basketball in the driveway, and catching lightning bugs in the woods on summer nights. When I’ve strayed from that foundation in the past, I’ve found myself rundown, unhealthy, and unhappy. I’m my best self when I stick to my roots. I’m proud to be a little bit old-fashioned. I’m proud to follow in my parents’ footsteps of real food and an active lifestyle. And I’m proud to get my hands dirty in the garden.

If you click around, you’ll see a lot of food and fitness posts, but also a large dose of the things that make me happy outside the kitchen and the gym (because mental and spiritual health are important, too). What you won’t see: restriction, body hate, dishonesty, or Chinese food. I’m really not a fan of Chinese food.

This blog is an honest picture of my imperfect journey to a place of happiness and wellness. I hope you’ll stick around to see my successes and my failures (oh, and the food, too).


My Health Philosophy

When it comes to food and fitness, my philosophy is simple: try to be healthy most of the time. It sounds too basic to be effective, but, I think being restrictive with diet and exercise is frankly no fun at all. Find real foods you love to eat, and eat them most of time. Find something fun that makes you sweat (I like hiking!), and try to do it more days than not. Simple.

I believe that part of having a good relationship with food and fitness is understanding and accepting that some times, you are going to eat your weight in cookies (read: the entire month of December) and sometimes you are going to be mega-dedicated. I started and stopped get healthy efforts so many times because I thought I had to be perfect to be healthy. As soon as I stumbled over anything, I thought all my hard work was for naught and down the drain my motivation went. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Now I understand that kale, birthday cake, rest days, flax seeds, strenuous hikes and good beer can all be healthy. It’s just a matter of healthy proportions. My life philosophy—everything in moderation, including moderation.