Ready for a piping hot dish of rules and responsibilities? Me neither. But it’s important to me that BTHR is transparent and you guys have an understanding of what you’re getting into when reading my blog. The deets:

  • All comments are moderated. It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just want to make sure I see each and every one of your before you fly out of the nest. It gives me a chance to read your comment carefully and check out your own blog. This means that your comment might be held for a while before it shows up on the entry. Try to be patient. I try to get to them within 4-6 hours. Sometimes the spam filter will eat a comment and I have to go and dig it out a few days later. Sorry’ bout that.
  • Save the drama for your Mama. I want BTHR to be a positive and upbeat place. Disagree all you want, but I trust you’ll do so in a civil and mature manner. Anytime folks get together in a place on the internet things can get a little bit sticky. I love that all of you guys are diverse and have differing opinions and I hope you’ll speak those for all to see!  That being said, any comments that are spammy, snarky or full of personal attacks will be deleted without warning. I have no room in my full belly for Haterade.
  • I will never edit or censor your comments. They either go up or don’t. Censoring is for the birds. The only time I will change the text of a comment is if the original commenter asks me directly to change something.
  • All photos, content and recipes are protected. Pretty please don’t steal my content. If you’d like to repost one of my photos, go for it, just be sure you give credit to Back to Her Roots and link back to the original post. Failure to do so is a copyright violation and is no bueno. If you’d like to repost one of my recipes, please refrain from copying and pasting the content directly and instead link back to my blog. Duplicate content hurts the Google rankings for both of us. If you change my recipes, feel free to post them but a link back would be much appreciated.
  • I don’t sell or give away your personal information to anyone. The only time this policy changes is for delivery addresses for giveaway winners and only with your written permission by e-mail. Otherwise, your data is your data.
  • Product reviews are my own deal. If I received a product for free from a company or was compensated in any way for including their product on my blog, I will disclose that the first time I use the product on the blog. If I get sponsored to attend an event for free or at a reduced price, I will mention the sponsor in accordance with the sponsorship agreement. I will not accept payment to write a biased (read: positive) review on any product. All my reviews will be truthful and accurate to my own opinion, regardless of how I received the product. Many, many of the product reviews you see on BTHR are completely uncompensated and the product has been purchased with my hard-earned money.
  • Giveaways are sponsored and executed by the companies I partner with. I receive no compensation (other than a free sample in some cases) for hosting a giveaway and only giveaway products I’ve used and believe in. I’m the middle man in the giveaway scenario and do not ship or fulfil the prize. Therefore, I can’t be held liable for a missing prize (which is a total bummer). I will help you all I can, but the best course of action would be to talk directly with the giveaway sponsor.
  • Many of the product links you see on the blog are affiliate links. Which means if you purchase the product after clicking through on my link, I get a small percentage of the sale with no charge to you. I get that you might not want to be part of that business, so if you prefer not to purchase through my referral links, you can use this plugin in Firefox to block my (and other people’s) affiliate links.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.