101 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


101 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

This might seem like sacrilege to say, but here goes anyway: Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a totally glutenous meal that knocks you off course. In fact, I think you can have an incredibly delicious, totally enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner without eating processed food, using yucky ingredients or sending yourself into a post-dinner sugar coma.

Don’t believe me? I’ve gathered up 101 pieces of evidence to prove my point! Pull a recipe (or two) from each section of this list, and you’ve got a totally healthy Thanksgiving menu that will please all your guests. Happy Turkey Day!

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How to Make and Freeze Dried Beans

How to Make and Freeze Dried Beans

How to Make and Freeze Dried Beans

Whenever someone talks about tightening their grocery belt, you always hear about eating lots of “rice and beans”. And while canned beans are definitely a cheap way to get protein in your diet (much cheaper than say….lobster), I take my cheapskate ways one step further and prepare my beans from dried. It might seem like a ton of work, but when you eat as much beans as we do, it can save you some serious bank when you add it up over a year.

In my area, a can of organic beans runs you about $2 a pop. If you shop in the bulk bins at either Whole Foods or our local health food store, you can get a pound of organic dried beans for that price. And with that pound, you can make 4-6 cans worth (depending on the bean type). Between soup, chili, bean burgers, salad toppings, a Mexican dinners, we pretty consistently knock back four cans of beans per week. By using dried beans instead of canned beans, we save at least $300 a year! Just on beans! That’ll kind of cash will buy a lot of lobster.

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45 Super Tasty Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

Brussels sprouts used to have such a bad reputation—mostly as a way that cruel parents torture their poor children. Thankfully, Brussels are working hard to fix their negative press. You’ll find sprouts on the menus of some of the hottest restaurants and a staple in cookbooks and food magazines this time of year. Brussels are the perfect… 

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Lunches Lately


Lunch at Desk

When I was working on coming up with a (totally reasonable, not crazy) plan to get back in shape after pregnancy, once of the action items in my plan was to pack my lunch everyday. Now, that might sound a little strange considering I work from home (about 15 feet away from my kitchen), but I’ve realized over the past two years of working from home that I really need the structure that comes from packing my food everyday. If I don’t have a preplanned meal, one of two things happen: either I snack all day long or, what happens usually, I skip meals until 3pm comes and I get so ravenously hungry that I eat everything in the pantry. Neither option is super healthy. So to fight that off, I pack my lunch!

I’ve been sharing some of my lunches on my Instagram feed, and it’s been getting such a great response, I thought I might start sharing them regularly on here, too. I’ve always been a fan of packing bento-style lunches, because I absolutely love eating a wide variety of foods—so that’s what you’ll see the most of.

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How to Make Sun Tea

jar sugar

Growing up, I didn’t realize a lot of the food traditions we had in my family were regionalisms. It wasn’t until I married a cute boy from the Great White North that I started to realize that the things that I thought were standards in the kitchen, weren’t really all that common for everyone. It’s been… 

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How to Make Mayo at Home


Mayonnaise gets a lot of hate in the healthy eating world, but I actually love mayo. Sure, it’s high in calories, but I think it’s delicious, packed full of nutrients, and it’s 100% “real” food. What’s to hate? I’m not saying you should take a spoon and down a bowlful of the stuff, but spreading a… 

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Daily Eats: Breastfeeding Edition


Breastfeeding is crazy, y’all. Not only do I find it totally insane (and amazing) that my body can produce all the nutrition that a tiny human needs to survive and grow less tiny, but I’m also fascinated by the way nursing affects my body. I had heard that exclusive breastfeeding burns about 500 extra calories… 

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Brewing Our Own Root Beer

root beer

We had an absolutely amazing time at our baby shower this past weekend. My Mama and sister really out-did themselves and managed to throw a party that was totally perfect for Craig and me! We’re not fussy baby shower type folks, so we requested early on that our shower be two things (a) a co-ed… 

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