the power of the number.

For a while now, I haven’t been shy about broadcasting my weight here for all to see (I’m 229.0 pounds this morning, if you’re curious). And, if I’m being totally honest, there has been some backlash over the years about me being so open with my weight. I’ve been told I’m a bad example because… 

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Thank you all so much for entertaining me while I ducked away for the past week. I don’t think I quite realized how much I needed to unplug. Of course, Sandy Hook was the tipping point, but I think maybe my need to disconnect and reflect has been building since way before the events of… 

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a break.


I think what happened on Friday morning shook an entire nation (maybe even the whole globe) to its core—me included. I was fortunate enough to have a pre-scheduled family gathering this weekend where I got to spend time doing perfectly normal things like teaching my nieces to sew, laughing over goofy trivia questions and drinking… 

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Sometimes, I do the most self-centric, narcassistic and egotistical thing any blogger can do—I go back and read my old posts. Why? Well, part of the cool thing about having a blog is that I have this digital scrapbook of my life accessible 24/7, and it’s fun to reminisce. But the biggest reason is because this digital… 

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I hate it when bloggers apologize for being away. It’s like they assume there is some mass of people on the other side of the computer screen waiting with bated breath for the next dose of prose. Bloggers, in general, are a navel-grazing bunch, but I’m not conceited enough to believe that you guys even… 

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does time really heal ALL wounds?

We were incredibly fortunate this past May. At the end of a terrible day of thunderstorms, our apartment building was hit by a very weak tornado. No one in our complex was injured. The last of the repairs and inspections were finished up last week. If you drove around now, you’d never know something so… 

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recovering from body dysmorphia.

me party high school

A few days ago, a mom of one of my high school friends posted some old photos of our group of friends on her Facebook. When I saw them, my thought process went a little something like this: “Wow. Was the fashion really that bad in the late ’90s?” “Holy crap. Thank god I found… 

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making it through the holidays unscathed

I didn’t do so hot during the holidays last year. I took on too much. I forced myself to be too much to too many different people. I had unrealistic expectations for myself, my weight loss and my fitness goals. My family was kinda in shambles (read more about that here). I was stressed about… 

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