my favorite (healthier) road trip snacks

snow canada trees

We’re heading out this afternoon on a 1,000 mile road trip up North to visit my husband’s family. I know a lot of folks moan and groan at the idea of road trips, but we actually enjoy them! Especially when we do it the way we’re doing this one—slow and easy. We could do the… 

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blog to job

Happy Friday, my friends! Today, I’m flying out to Minneapolis to spend the weekend at the Healthy Living Summit. This is my first ever blog conference, and it’s a little bit embarrassing how excited I am (although, I am recovering from a nasty bout of food poisoning, so my excitement is slightly dampened). I cannot… 

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what’s in my carry-on

carry on

As I was packing for our trip to Canada last week, I starting thinking about the different kind of air travelers. There are the people who roll out of bed the morning of a flight, grab a muffin and a magazine on their way to security, and get to their gate right as the plane… 

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a week in paradise

me baseball babyface

Vacation was awesome. And I mean awesome. A big, huge thank you to all of the lovely and talented guest posters that were able to step in while I was doing this… And some of this… And a whole lot of this… A week on the beach was exactly what we needed. While we’ve taken trips in… 

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see you in a week…

I’ll be more or less absentee for the next week while we’re enjoying the sand and sun. During that time, I’ve got some great posts scheduled for you and, thanks to the help of some friends, some awesome guest posts to share, too. I hope you have an excellent, fantastic, wonderful week. I’ll bring you… 

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tips for a healthy road trip

Starting bright-and-early tomorrow morning (well, depending on how late tonight’s IU game goes) Babyface and I will be off on the open road on our way to the beach. When I’ve mentioned that we a road-tripping it to Florida to people, they’ve all had the same reaction—total disgust. Seems like most folks aren’t fans of… 

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do as the nordics do.

me ski snow

When Babyface first proposed the idea of surprising his family for Christmas, I said it was okay by me just as long as we set some healthy ground rules. When we came here last year, both of us used it as an excuse to drown ourselves in baked goods, booze, and lounging on the couch…. 

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what i ate wednesday: a great white surprise

photo 1

I know I’m a day late with WIAW, but that’s because I have a fun surprise! Greetings from North of the border! Yup, we’re in Canada for Christmas. Didn’t see that coming, did you? It’s been so hard to keep our trip under wraps, but we had good reason—we were surprising Babyface’s family! We’ve been… 

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