pinterest challenge: cute car trash bag

When we lived in a city, driving around was always a short-term thing. We’d be in the car for 5, 10 or maybe a rare 15 minute trip if we were going to the “other side of town” for something. We didn’t eat in the car. And we certainly never had trash in the car…. 

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popsicle stick workout jar

Popsicle Stick WorkoutsIt's time for another Pinterest Challenge, friends! If you weren't around the last time I did one of these, basically, it's a self-instituted challenge to stop pinning and actually turn some of the ideas on my Pinterest boards into reality. In the past, I've made cake stands, figured out an easy-to-make spray for wavy hair and made a mirror made out of Goodwill finds and flatware. But today, we're talking workouts! Pinterest is a really interesting place when it comes. . .

pinterest challenge: starburst flatware mirror

target clockI've had a few folks ask me what is going to happen to the monthly Pinterest Challenge now that I'm co-writing a whole other blog specifically focused on DIY. For those of you just tuning in, the Pinterest Challenge is a monthly post where I actually stop pinning, get off the computer and go do a project that was inspired by Pinterest. I'm happy to announce that the Pinterest Challenge is here to stay on BTHR! We'll be co-opting the idea. . .

pinterest challenge: landlocked beachy waves

beach spray ingredientsFor this month's Pinterest Challenge (the monthly post where I take something I've pinned and actually do it and report back the results), I thought I'd step away from the crafty theme of the past few posts and try something a little different—a beauty pin! I'm always looking for new ways to tame my hair. I have crazy thick, frizzy, big, huge hair. I've gotten in the habit of flat ironing it a lot, but I don't love that because. . .

pinterest challenge: state nail and string art

stringsYay! It's time for another Pinterest Challenge—the monthly post where I talk about a project I dug out of the depths of Pinterest stagnation and brought into the light of reality. Pinning is awesome, but doing is even better. As usual, I hit up my Must Make board to peruse all the crafty objects that really moved me to action. I narrowed it down to three pins that really spoke to me this month—a car trash bag, state nail art and. . .

pinterest challenge: thrift store cake stands

How to Make Cake Stands from Thrift Store FindsI'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but I'm kinda obsessed with Pinterest. This sounds really cheesy and kumbaya-y, but the truth is, Pinterest helps restore my faith in the human race. There are so many clever, creative and interesting ideas on there that it makes me feel like, as a species, we must be doing something right. That all being said, there is a dark side to it all. Pinterest has a bit of a reputation. . .